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Slovenia became the first 2004 European Union entrant to adopt the euro (on 1 January 2007) and has become a model of economic success and stability for the region. With the highest per capita GDP in Central Europe, Slovenia has excellent infrastructure, a well-educated work force, and a strategic location between the Balkans and Western Europe. Privatization has lagged since 2002, and the economy has one of highest levels of state control in the EU. Structural reforms to improve the business environment have allowed for somewhat greater foreign participation in Slovenia's economy and have helped to lower unemployment. In March 2004, Slovenia became the first transition country to graduate from borrower status to donor partner at the World Bank. In December 2007, Slovenia was invited to begin the accession process for joining the OECD. Despite its economic success, foreign direct investment (FDI) in Slovenia has lagged behind the region average, and taxes remain relatively high. Furthermore, the labor market is often seen as inflexible, and legacy industries are losing sales to more competitive firms in China, India, and elsewhere. In 2009, the world recession caused the economy to contract - through falling exports and industrial production - by more than 8%, and unemployment to rise above 9%. Although growth resumed in 2010, the unemployment rate continued to rise, topping 10%

Abanka (ABKN)
Aerodrom Ljubljana (AELG)
Agrogorica (AGOG)
Alpetour Potovalna Agencija (APAG)
Alpos (APOG)
Aktiva Naložbe (ATPG)
Cetis (CETG)
Cinkarna Celje (CICG)
Datalab Tehnologije (DATR)
Delo Prodaja (DPRG)
Etol (ETOG)
Grand Hotel Union (GHUG)
Gorenje (GRVG)
Gea (GSBG)
Helios (HDOG)
Iskra Avtoelektrika (IALG)
Intereuropa (IEKG)
Elmo (IELG)
Inles (IHPG)
Intertrade Ita (INRG)
Istrabenz (ITBG)
Javor Pivka (JPIG)
Juteks (JTKG)
Nova Kreditna Banka Maribor (KBMR)
Kd Group (KDHP)
Kd Group (KDHR)
Krka (KRKG)
Ks Naložbe (KSFR)
Luka Koper (LKPG)
Maksima Holding (MAHR)
Mlinotest (MAJG)
Marina Portorož (MAPG)
Mercator (MELR)
Maksima Invest (MKIR)
Melamin (MKOG)
Modra Linija Holding (MLHR)
Mp Naložbe (MPLR)
Mercata (MR0R)
M1 (MR1R)
Kompas Mts (MTSG)
Nama (NALN)
Nfd Holding (NF2R)
Nika (NIKN)
Petrol (PETG)
Pivovarna Laško (PILR)
Plama - Pur (POPG)
Pozavarovalnica Sava (POSR)
Prva Group (PPDP)
Probanka (PRBP)
Zdravilišce Rogaška (RGZP)
Zdravilišce Rogaška (RGZR)
Salus (SALR)
Sava (SAVA)
Sivent (SING)
Slovenijales (SLLG)
Alta Skupina (SMPR)
Hram Holding (ST1R)
Terme Catež (TCRG)
Tekstina (TEAG)
Telekom Slovenije (TLSG)
Trdnjava I Holding (TR1R)
Triglav Naložbe (TRSG)
Unior (UKIG)
Vipa Holding (VHDR)
Velana (VLJG)
Terme Dobrna (ZDDG)
Žito (ZTOG)
Zvon Dva Holding (ZV2R)
Zvon Ena Holding (ZVHR)
Zavarovalnica Triglav (ZVTG)

Bank Austria Creditanstalt d.d. Ljubljana -
Bank of Slovenia -
Krka Group -
Ljublana Stock Exchange -
Petrol Ljubljana -

Slovenia Investing News
2011-09-08 - (bl) - Europe debt crisis to slow Slovenia's economic recovery further
2011-09-06 - (bl) - Slovenian central bank sees slowdown risk in 'next quarters'
2011-08-31 - (bl) - Slovenian economic growth slowed in second quarter on demand
2011-08-11 - (bl) - Merkel to discuss euro crisis with Pahor during Slovenia visit
2011-07-15 - (Slovenia's Nova Ljubljanska Banka passes Europe stress test
2011-07-08 - (
bl) - Slovenia may put $708 million into financial firms, Finance says
2011-07-05 - (bl) - Slovenian growth at risk from debt crisis, central bank says

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